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Our goal

Our goal is charity help to hospitals and patients for the sake of the best treatment and rehabilitation for Ukrainians in Ukraine


We raise funds for programs vital for people in the eastern part of Ukraine in order to:

- provide people with food items;

- provide relocated people and people from the affected regions with clothing and necessary household and personal care products;

- provide the elderly in the eastern regions of Ukraine with necessary medications;

- provide people in the eastern regions of Ukraine with food for their pets.

Aid to hospitals

The Foundation   regularly assists  the Saint Panteleimon, Saint Luke and Saint Nicholas hospitals of the first Lviv Medical Union  and helps implement  hospital projects for updating diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation   equipment.

Aid to Patients 

The hospitals of First Lviv Medical Union accept 100 000  hospitalizations per year. 


We are always open for medical professionals from other countries to work together with our Ukrainian doctors on complicated cases. Let’s exchange our experiences and save more lives together.


What Can You Do to Help?!

Choose your way to help:

- financial assistance

- assistance with commodities and goods

- assistance in providing free services

- active participation as a volunteer

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